Certification Course - Business for SDGs

Sustainability Management

Course description

The Business4SDGs ProgramTM online course provides you with a working knowledge of how to use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as a tool to design your business strategy around and how to integrate the SDGs in your business.

The course is focused on sustainability and the sustainable development goals are integrated to ensure that companies can continue to operate on a planet with limited resources while providing benefits for both shareholders and society.

The purpose of the course is to ensure that the SDGs become a part of business strategy and that sustainability aspects are embedded in the business model. Specifically, it is also about the responsibility for overall strategies, goals, activities and follow-up being defined and distributed among different functions or business areas.


After completing the course you will have knowledge and skills for:

·        how to adopt a practical approach to develop a unique action plan for your business and community,

·        how to effectively communicate sustainability strategies and goals to internal and external stakeholders. 

·        how to map your value chain to identify impact areas. 

·        how business can work with non-profit actors, companies, government, and universities to create systematic change in sustainability. 

·        you will not only identify global pressures and megatrends affecting business,

·        but you will also identify new sustainable social, economic and environmental opportunities.

And most importantly. You will know how to become a Winner in tomorrows economy!

SEK 31,250.00 (including 25% moms)