Certification Course - Business for SDGs

Sustainability Management

What you will learn

The purpose of the course is to ensure that the SDGs become a part of business strategy and that sustainability aspects are embedded in the business model. Specifically, it is also about the responsibility for overall strategies, goals, activities and follow-up being defined and distributed among different functions or business areas.

The course is a "train-the-trainer" course meaning that you are applying your newly acquired knowledge directly on a pilot case. The pilot case could be your company, a pilot company or a project. This is done in Module 4.

The following 7 modules contribute to your learning: 

Orientation Module:  Information Begin connecting with fellow participants while exploring the navigation and the membership platform where your course will take place. 

Module 1: Sustainability challenges and business opportunities What are the Sustainable Development Goals and why do they matter for business? 

Module 2: The business case and leadership for action Why sustainability is good for business, and the importance of good leadership in achieving change.  

Module 3: Mastering the SDGs Learn the structure of the SDGs, the 17 goals and Agenda 2030 and how they correlate to sustainability.

Learn why business should support the SDGs and how business can advance them.

Module 4: Integrate and Implement sustainability strategies Learn how to map your value chain to identify impact areas. Learn how materiality assessments can be used to inform and direct company strategy. Apply your newly aquired knowledge directly on a pilot case. The pilot case could be your company, a pilot company or a project. 

Module 5: Communication Learn how to effectively communicate sustainability strategies and goals to internal and external stakeholders.

Module 6: Partnerships and collaboration Learn how business can work with non-profit actors, companies, government, and universities to create systematic change in sustainability.

Module 7: Certification & License

Once you have completed all the lessons, you will be given the opportunity to earn a certification and a license to operate. This is done in two steps:

Step 1) You will need to show the Course Convenor that you have applied your knowledge on a pilot case, according to Module 4.

Step 2) You will have to answer a couple of questions.  When you have completed and obtained an approved result of 75%, you will receive a certificate and a license confirming that you can implement Sustainability Management and the SDGs according to the generic program this course is about. This is done in module 7.

 This is included in the course fee

  • 8-10 week web course, depending on your working pace, packed with everything you need to know about the $12 trillion of business opportunities that lies within Agenda 2030 and unleash the business opportunities within your company or community.
  • Access to the course for 6 month, which means that you can take the course in a pace that suits you.
  • Practical action plan for overcoming barriers and seizing the opportunities associated with creating a sustainable and profitable business with key stakeholders and partnerships.
  • More than 35 course lectures, consisting of videos, templates, exercises and inspiration, that you repeat as many times as you want.
  • Downloadable course material (pdf) to save.
  • Concrete step-by-step descriptions and tasks that take you all the way through the course.
  • Closed Facebook and LinkedIn group with other course participants for help and inspiration.
  • Facebook Live session with your Course Convenor every second week where you can ask questions and interact with other course participants.

    BONUS: Six months of support which includes: 
  • Mentor help every second week at fixed times where you receive answers to all your questions.
  • 1 hour group coaching every second week on Zoom where you can interact live with your peers, ask questions directly to your Course Convenor and get instant feedback,
  • 6 hours Strategy-workshop in webinar format, where you are able to present your pilot case, discuss opportunities and challenges around strategy, implementation and Change Leadership and get instant feedback from your Course Convenor and peers. 
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